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Ramon Pooser was born in Brooklyn, NY. At the age of 7 the family relocated to Atlanta, GA. His mother got him started in music playing the violin in the Atlanta Public Schools system at 8, he switched to bass at 10. He went on to high school where the curriculum had orchestra as an elective but there was no orchestra teacher, and the band teacher gave the students recorders to play on. Ramon’s parents learned of a school of performing arts in Buckhead, the Northside School of the Arts, and he transferred. He received a scholarship to study with Thomas Thoreson of the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra from noted Atlanta businessman Jessie Hill, and soon after joined the Atlanta Youth Symphony Orchestra. He went on to attend the  Berklee College of Music in Boston, joining the MIT Symphony Orchestra, performing in New England and at Carnegie Hall. He moved to New York and started his musical career performing with numerous jazz luminaries. He met and befriended the noted lyric writing teacher Shelia Davis, author of The Craft Of Lyric Writing, the most sought after book on the subject, and started working on the beginnings of a career as a songwriter/producer, studying with her before starting to tour and record. Returning to Atlanta as he prepared to extend his musical career he started experiencing symptoms of extreme pain that started in his legs, then spread throughout his body. It would be years before a diagnosis came. Continuing to perform helped to take his mind off things. He performed one night at the legendary jazz club Just Jazz, and within one month became the regular bassist. He also went on to perform with jazz greats such as Johnny O’Neal, Audrey Shakir, Bobby Watson, Joe Sample, Nancy Wilson, Clifton Davis, Ellis Marsalis, Ritchie Cole, Stevie Wonder, and many others, while touring Europe, Eastern Europe, the United States, central and South America. At Just Jazz he also met his wife, with whom he had 4 children. Years after becoming married Ramon had a car accident, with an MRI revealing that he suffered from multiple sclerosis for years, an illness that affects the nervous system, and has no cure. By this time a lot of living had taken place, and there was nothing to do but keep going. He also taught at several schools including Tri-Cities High School, Northside School of the Arts, and was a visiting professor at Emory University. He is currently preparing to do a few music releases this fall, culminating in the release of a full music project, as well of the release of a book about his experiences in the music business.

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